• Summer Assignments

    Parents and students, please review the Summer Assignments Page for all the courses with summer reading and assignments. If you have any questions regarding the assignment, please contact the teacher listed.

  • Summer Office Hours

    The main office will open from 8:00am – 2:00pm Monday - Friday. Edison will be closed Saturday and Sunday through the summer except for coded staff.

  • Summer School Transportation Schedule

    You can download the summer school transportation schedule here.

  • New Bell Schedule for 2015-16

    Red Day

    Blue Day

    1st Period: 8:10-9:38 2nd Period: 8:10-9:38
    3rd Period: 9:44-11:14 4th Advisory: 9:44-10:19
      Eagle Time: 10:19-11:14
    5th Period: 11:20-1:21
    6th Period: 11:20-1:21
        A Lunch: 11:14-11:44     A Lunch: 11:14-11:44
        A Class: 11:50-1:21
        A Class: 11:50-1:21
        B Class: 11:20-11:48     B Class: 11:20-11:48
        B Lunch: 11:48-12:18     B Lunch: 11:48-12:18
        B Class: 12:22-1:21
        B Class: 12:22-1:21
        C Class: 11:20-12:19     C Class: 11:20-12:19
        C Lunch: 12:19-12:49     C Lunch: 12:19-12:49
        C Class: 12:53-1:21
        C Class: 12:53-1:21
        D Class: 11:20-12:51     D Class: 11:20-12:51
        D Lunch: 12:51-1:21
        D Lunch: 12:51-1:21
    7th Period: 1:27-2:55 8th Period: 1:27-2:55
  • Advisory and Eagle Time

    More Information

  • Interior Video Monitoring Proposal

    Thomas A. Edison High School is considering installing an internal video monitoring system to increase safety and security within the building. Information regarding the proposal:
    Internal Video Monitoring Proposal
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Community Feedback


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  • Events

    Math Boot Camp

    Edison is offering a Math Boot Camp from Monday, August 24 to Friday, August 28, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. The program is intended to assist students who will be enrolled in an Algebra 1 course in the fall. Key concepts will be introduced through engaging activities and labs. Students will learn how the graphing calculator can aid in their own learning of mathematical concepts. There is no cost to this camp and transportation may be provided. Further information can be found attached in the letter/registration materials. Please submit the registration form and Emergency Care information to the school by Friday, July 31. Please contact Carolyn Lamson should you have any questions.
    Registration in English, Registration in Spanish, Emergency Care Form

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