2013 Fairfax Education Summit

Hosted by the Fairfax County School Board with appreciation to our sponsor, Deloitte LLP.

Complete Education Summit Agenda (pdf)

Thank you for attending the fourth annual Fairfax Education Summit. Please find presentations from the breakout sessions below:


Breakout Sessions Resources

A Peek Inside 21st Century Learning Classrooms and Facilities

FCPS' International Benchmarking Pilot: Are You Smarter Than a 15-Year-Old

How to Bridge to College in the 21st Century

How to Keep Your Kids Safe in Today's Digital World

Parenting for Career and College Success

Parenting for the 21st Century Child

Visit the Families and Work Institute website for more information and to view a video on Executive Functions and Mind in the Making:


Parenting Strategies and Roles to Promote Student Learning

Shaping 21st Century Learning Experiences at Home

Supporting Academic Success of Children in Military Families

What Parents Need to Know about Depression and Building Resiliency in their Children


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